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The healthcare providers at A Woman’s Place have a special interest in personalization of medical care in order to meet each patient’s unique needs.  We are committed to the provision of high-quality medical care for women by women.  Established in 2001, our providers now specialize specifically in Gynecologic concerns.  We are pleased to confirm your pregnancy and address any immediate concerns then refer continued care to our nearby colleagues for the duration of the pregnancy.  This process allows our providers to focus on our patients without appointment delays due to deliveries.

Dr. Alison Cooper, MD enjoys hospital privileges at Banner Baywood  Medical Center and has extensive training in Gynecologic surgery.  Dr. Cooper has acquired additional training in robotic-assisted Gynecologic surgery in order to provide minimally invasive surgical procedures.  Our Nurse Practitioners, Traci Innes and Lynne Fiore, are available to see patients for routine examinations / gynecologic problems most weekdays and Traci also offers Saturday appointments.

We value you and we know the importance of obtaining medical care even without insurance coverage. As a courtesy to our patients with no insurance coverage, we offer our self-pay patients special reduced pricing for office visits. This reduced fee must be paid in full at the time of service or standard rates will apply.

Cash- Pay (No Insurance) Rates

   *Rates determined by type and number of problems as well as New versus Established patient 

New Well Woman Exam *             $149.00                           Est. Well Woman Exam *                  $125.00 


New Patient Basic Office Visits *                                         Established Patient Basic Office Visits*

Level 3  -Low Level                          $139.00                           Level 3- Low Level                              $89.00

STD testing, UTI, Vaginitis                                                       STD testing, UTI, Vaginitis

Birth Control, Breast lump                                                        Birth Control, Breast lump

Level 4  -Med Level                          $179.00                           Level 4- Med Level                            $139.00

Dysmenorrhea age < 30, HRT Consult,                                   Dysmenorrhea age < 30, HRT Consult,

Vulvar issues, Post-menopausal bleeding                                Vulvar issues, Post-menopausal bleeding

 Level 5  -High Level                         $199.00                           Level 5- High Level                            $169.00

Pelvic Pain, Urinary incont., Prolapse,                                      Pelvic Pain, Urinary incont., Prolapse,

Dysmenorrhea age > 30, Infertility age <33                              Dysmenorrhea age > 30, Infertility age <33 

Common Services:

Bartholin Gland abscess I & D                     $275.00 /with Word Catheter placement, add $30.00

Biopsy Vulvar Lesion-1 unit*                        $150.00

Colposcopy Cervix-with Biopsy & ECC*      $180.00

Depo Shot (Injection Only-pt pays for and brings in the DEPO)    $25.00

Endometrial &/or Endocervical Sampling (Biopsy)*                       $150.00

Hormone Pellets (any dosage Estrogen +/-Testosterone)             $275.00

IUD Insertion      $150.00

IUD Removal      $125.00

Leep Cone*        $300.00 

 *Note that there may be separately billed lab charges for Pap Smears, biopsy, cultures and bloodwork. These items will be sent to outside laboratories such as Sonora Quest, LabCorp, and GenPath/BioReference and you may receive billing from them for their services.

*Note these rates are subject to change without notice.

For Your Added Convenience

Did you know that we also offer Laser Hair Removal services right in our office? Please see our Services & Procedures page for more information on our Laser services and our Special Introductory Pricing.

New as of August 2014, we now offer a GenPath lab drawing station right in our office for your convenience. 


Physicians:                 Dr. Alison Cooper M.D.

Nurse Practitioners:   Lynne Fiore, NP and Traci Innes, NP 

Laser Technician:      Dr. Alison Cooper M.D

We look forward to assisting you with your healthcare needs.  Our friendly and caring staff welcomes the opportunity to schedule an appointment for you with one of our healthcare providers.

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